The Wide Variety of Poly Shipping Bags

The Wide Variety of Poly Shipping Bags
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Poly shipping bagsPoly shipping bags are plastic bags designed to hold various goods to be shipped across the country.  They can hold food, powders, magazines, candies, and so forth.  What you may not know is that there is actually quite a wide variety of poly shipping bags. You may have just thought there was one basic type, but you could not be more off base my friend.  I found a site called that offers more poly shipping bags than you could have ever dreamt existed.

First off, they have lie flat poly shipping bags.  These bags come in 7 different millimeter thicknesses; the higher the millimeter the thicker the polyethylene. They also come in over 40 different sizes to fit many different goods.  Each bag has the capacity to be heat sealed, or closed with bag tape or twist ties.  They meet FDA and USDA standards for food, so you can safely ship any edible items.  They are clear so you can see exactly what is in the bag; no funky business going on there.  In addition to the flat poly shipping bags, they carry anti-static poly bags designed specifically for the shipment of electronic goods. also carries ziplock poly bags.  These can be used for home or industrial use.  Choose from a number of sizes and grades and rest assured these also meet FDA and USDA standards for shipping and storing food.  You can also select from bags with a white write-on block, ziplock poly shipping bags with hang holes, and ziplock poly shipping bags with adhesive backs. They also offer gussetted polly shipping bags for bulkier, substantial items.  These bags are ideal for packaging items like candy (think: candy corn, skittles, mike n’ ikes) because they have more room to spread out.  It is overall a better use of space for items like this to choose a gussetted poly shipping bag.

All of these items and more can be found at, an online retailer featuring over 5,000 unique and hard to find packing and shipping supplies.  Should you need anything else to use with your poly shipping bags, such as a heat sealer, this can also be found on the site.  The good news is, they will price match or beat any prices you find from competitors.  You will rest assured knowing you got the most affordable pricing with the highest quality product.

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