The Various Uses of Packaging Tape

The Various Uses of Packaging Tape
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Packaging TapePackaging tape was designed to assist in the packaging of items prior to shipment.  Whoever named it thought really hard ahead of time, and they think super outside of the box as well.  As you may imagine, packaging tape is used most widely in the packaging and shipping industry.  However, do not be fooled.  Although its widest use is amongst these types of companies, it does not mean that it is limited to only packaging and shipping.  Oh no, my friend.  Not at all.

Many people have gotten creative and found other uses for packaging tape.  There is an artist by the name of Max Zorn who actually uses multiple layers of tan packaging tape on acrylic glass sheets.  He paints over them and uses an x-acto knife to cut and form the different layers.  When a light source is applied to his work his art comes to life.  It is really quite phenomenal.  Other folks have used packaging tape for things such as making a homemade bandage.  It sounds silly, but really does the job.  Wrap a piece of cotton or paper towel around the wound when a bandaid isn’t on hand, and secure it with packaging tape.  It is super sticky and sure not to fly off when a gust of wind passes.  You can also use it as a makeshift “chip clip”.  Chip clips, in my opinion, are quite a phenomenon.  Kind of like socks.  It doesn’t matter how many you buy, you lose almost 90% of them.  No one will take responsibility, so your only conclusion is that they must have grown legs and walked away.  Forget wasting money on chip clips and use packaging tape instead!  You can also use packaging tape as a homemade fly trap or a homemade lint roller.

Whether you need packaging tape for packing and shipping boxes or if you really want to test out the homemade fly trap idea, head to to choose from a wide variety.  They have 2” and 3”, clear and tan, as well as multiple lengths to choose from.  They have the widest selection, highest quality, and most affordable pricing out there.  You don’t have to waste money at the post office or at a home office store, nor do you even have to get off your couch in order to obtain the best packaging tape.  Head to and place your order before 1PM EST, and it will be shipped out the same day.

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