Stretch Film Manufacturers: Shrink Film

Stretch Film Manufacturers: Shrink Film
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Stretch filmThe stretch film manufacturers at have gone above and beyond to make sure that their customer has any kind of stretch film they could possibly need.  I was unaware that it was even possible to have this many kinds of stretch film.  I spent most of my life familiar with only one kind, and I used it to make myself feel better by wrapping up my leftovers, acting as if I was a conservative and conscientious person who would eat them later.  And then recycle the wrap, too.  So I basically have only known about the kind that makes someone feel guilty.  Luckily, stretch film manufacturers have been generous enough to devote their time to designing other kinds (less hostile and sensitive kinds, in my opinion).  For instance: shrink film.

Shrink film is exactly what it sounds like.  It is plastic that comes in a sheet, and you heat it up and it shrinks around your product.  This is what makes boot-leggers so successful.  They can wrap their product so that it looks professional and brand new, and this is not a dig on the product but is probably one on the boot-leggers.  No offense to everyone out there trying to make a dime on lies and secrets.

Thankfully, the stretch film manufacturers have gone the extra mile and have also designed tools specifically meant to make the use of their product more, well, easy. offers said tools, like the heat sealers and the heat guns.  They have even put together a shrink bag kit, which includes a sealer, a gun, and the bags.  Now you can make numerous copies of that project you did in college, seal it up, and try to make a couple bucks off of it.  If you wanted to go a different route, a more wholesome route, if you will, there are gift basket shrink wrap bags.  Now you can stuff baskets with fruit, nuts, body parts, you name it, stick it in one of the bags, shrink that baby, and send those totes of goodness or horror anywhere and it will keep like it a charm.

This is the type of stuff that you will find yourself using on everything, from your best friend’s keys to stuff packed in the attic.  Its like when you get a label maker and suddenly these guys start popping up all over: Allison’s Socks, The Garbage Can, A Box of Noodles, Don’t Touch This, The Front Door, etc.  Am I right, or am I right?  Who knew that shrink film could be so much fun?  Oh yeah, the stretch film manufacturers!

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