Nintendo NX Console gets New Specs, but the Launch Date isn’t Slated for 2016

Nintendo NX Console gets New Specs, but the Launch Date isn’t Slated for 2016
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The Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima released a message over Christmas to the company shareholders over the weekend, and among the important points, he did allude to the fact that Nintendo is indeed working on the NX console. The message was posted on the official site, and Kimishima told shareholders that the company is working on a platform called the “NX” and it has a brand-new concept as well. The console will bring in maximized use so they say, and it will show the gamers navigate around the Nintendo IP. The new software and hardware integrated businesses will bring a new business for Nintendo.

After the messages, the president did say that it actually wont’ be coming out in 2016, meaning that the Wii-U still has at least a year left before new games will be made. Nintendo usually has a history of announcing the new consoles at least a year in advance and launching it after that, and this won’t deviate from the pattern, so don’t’ expect it to be until at least 2017/


The sentiments were also echoed by another source, saying that even though there isn’t a launch in 2016, there will be new reveals about the console with each one that’s created, and since there wasn’t a huge reveal about it, there wasn’t any significant elements to talk about. Right now, Nintendo is learning from mistakes in the past, and it’s working on getting more developers to work with them to have a better launch.


Some say that with this, there will be a new network and hardware which will give a different gameplay experience, and it will be seen as a system that is separate from the current consoles right now. Right now, there could be a chance that it might have digital-only games produced, and it’s already looking at game developers and producers for that. The software kits were actually given to other companies in October, and it can even help developers modify the existing games to create new ones to be launched on the NX when it does release.


Some say that the NX will have a test run next spring, with the mass production being started later on for a summer launch. Right now, there will be about 12 million units to compete with the other consoles, and it will also include Mario and Zelda titles as well in the arsenal. So far however, the only things that can be confirmed on this is that the console is getting a release sometime in the future, and that the company is working very hard on the specs of this, hoping to have a launch for this soon. What this means for other gaming companies and what they’re about to produce, well, the only thing that can really indicate this is time, and the way his console will fare on the market in comparison to the other major console gaming companies out there.

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