Moving, Minimalism, & Moving Boxes for Sale

Moving, Minimalism, & Moving Boxes for Sale
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moving-boxesMinimalism began as a style or technique in art and music.  It was a movement in the 1950s that was characterized by extreme simplicity and spareness.  You know, like those paintings that are 20’x20’ with a single splatter of paint in the middle and sell for thousands of dollars. That guy, whoever he is, is a genius.  Talk about working smarter not harder. Minimalism has also been translated to a lifestyle of having less things, and focusing more on people and experiences.  I mean, just look at the Tiny Houses people.  That is probably minimalism to an extreme, but either way, it is definitely minimalism.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, google it.  Also google Bestie Row (this is my life goal).  The whole focus is to get rid of excess things that we just don’t need.  In our country in general, we just have so much junk.  Things we never look at or use.  It is considered unnecessary by most.

An excellent opportunity to implement minimalism in your life is when it is time to move.  What better way to cut down on excess stuff than when you have to go through each and every thing you own?  Sometimes people don’t want to go through their things and cut down on them solely because it is time consuming.  Who wants to clean out their closet when the sun is shining and the beach is calling your name? Not me.  Moving, however, forces you to go through your stuff.  Stuff that you never knew you had.  I have an awesome real life example of this for you.  I grew up in Louisiana, and then we moved to Iowa when I was 10.  When we were packing up to move, we tried to implement some minimalism in our life and throw some stuff away.  My dad, no joke, had a jar in his closet with a scorpion in it.  Obviously the scorpion wasn’t alive, but seriously?  A scorpion.  Who needs a scorpion carcass in a jar? That is just plain weird.

Once you have cut down on your junk and jarred scorpions, make sure you do a good job of packing up the stuff you need and still use.  Find moving boxes for sale and other moving and packing items at  It can be hard to find proper moving supplies and moving boxes for sale in the stores.  And when you do find them, you are sure to spend a fortune. offers unique and hard to find moving supplies for a fraction of the cost you would spend at a specialty store.  They have excellent customer service, and you receive your items in a timely fashion.  The next time you go to move and want to release your inner minimalist, check out for all the supplies you will need.

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