Interior and Exterior Designing with Faux Stone Panels

Interior and Exterior Designing with Faux Stone Panels
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Home decoration is an amazing task in which every new trend comes with an excitement. And when you hear that this new trend has great design with the cost of material that fits in a fraction of the cost of previous trend of design, you will be even more excited to go for that solution. Same is the case with faux stone panels. These panels aren’t only beautiful while attached on the walls but they also provide a great deal of rescue in terms of cost which would have been huge in the case of real stones.

Faux Stone Panels

Here, it would be worth mentioning what the faux stone panels are. Faux stone panels are basically textured and designed representation of stones on a thick polyurethane panel. So, it would not be a wrong conclusion that faux stone panels have basically nothing to associate with the real stones when it comes to material. However, the looks and design, and even the hardness of stone part on these panels, is so identical that you will not feel any difference even after touching these panels when attached on the walls.


There are some notable benefits of faux stone panels and those are worth discussing in this short note.

Faux stone panels, as mentioned earlier, provide the same outlook as that of real stones. With this feature, the ease of use is the first benefit to mention. Since these panels are lightweight and overall flexible, you can attach these panels by yourself and it will save you the time and price of labor. Even if you are willing to hire labor for this work, you will have to pay only a fraction of price as compared to the case with real stones.

Stone Panels

Since these panels are manufactured, you can expect to purchase any kind of design you want. For a comparison, you might want to look briefly at the application of real stones by which you cannot give your walls the design of your desire because of the unavailability of different kinds of stones from one place.

One of the salient benefits of using faux stone panels is the durability. Faux stone panels, in some aspects, provide even more immunity as compared to the real stones. For example, the faux stones aren’t exposed to the harsh weather changes which may even make the real stone decay. Moreover, there is no chance of the attack of pests and insects when faux stone panels are installed.

View on the modern interior with fireplace 3D rendering

View on the modern interior with fireplace 3D rendering

That many advantages along with the low price make installation of fAUx stOne paneLs a preferred option rather than an alternate of real stones for many homeowners, builders and designers. Hence, if you are looking to have a better design on interior and exterior of your home in considerably low cost, faux stone panel is the answer to your quest.

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