How HTC Vive VR Headset is Ahead in its League

How HTC Vive VR Headset is Ahead in its League
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Virtual Reality has been a different experience altogether in multimedia world. Perhaps, it is rightly being considered as the first step towards insertion of one’s physical self into the digital world. Many smartphone companies have now jumped into manufacturing of VR headsets. This trend shows an ahead-of-time competition that would, in the end, benefit consumers.

From the perspective of specs and build quality, HTC Vive VR Headset seems to be way ahead of other VR equipment in the market. Although, Samsung Oculus-powered Gear VR provides amazing experience due to its 4D feature, it also seems to be in tough competition with HTC Vive which is proving to be a competition beater at the moment.


One of the main reasons for high performance of Vive is that it is powered by computer, which certainly possesses higher processing speed as compared to smartphones. That’s one of the reasons that image quality in HTC Vive may be better as compared to other VR headsets.


Another reason that Vive is going to be the better VR experience is that HTC intends to make gaming experience better through it. For that purpose, HTC is building partnership with Valve which develops games.

While using Vive, you wouldn’t have to take the headset off your head. There would be a button that you will need to push in order to activate the camera on headset. That’ll give you your front view.


Here, it would not be right to deduce that LG or Samsung are in wrong direction in designing and manufacturing their VR headsets. It’s just HTC has emerged with a robust approach which allowed them to add multiple features in Vive to make it a revolution. Nevertheless, it’s the first phase of VR production for all of the companies, and improvement or advancement in the next models can certainly be expected.


The drawback of Vive is that it works only after being connected to the computer. This wire connection may be annoying for the users as they wouldn’t be able to avoid connection source being pulled along with the connecting cable while wearing the headset. Moreover, this trait of Vive is surely the bad news for users who like to use VR while on the move.

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