Faux Stone Panel for Interior and Exterior Designing

Faux Stone Panel for Interior and Exterior Designing
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Interior and exterior designing is an exciting process which can bring new look to the entire home. And when we talk about using stone for home decoration, we can presume the best level of coziness as well as style and lavishness that the stones reflect. Furthermore, stones also give the sensation of strength because it has been an impression on mankind since the ancient times when stones were used to build the bigger infrastructures. Hence, the stones can be used for ultimate home decoration.

There is, however, a major drawback of working with the stones for home decoration and that is the high price along with the time which the reshaping and application of stones take. Homeowners and decorators may wonder about the alternate which fortunately exists in the form of faux stone panel. Faux stone panels are the fake stone representations and these are designed and textured so precisely that it becomes hard to decide about the authenticity even after it is told that installed stones aren’t real.


Polyurethane is usually the material that is used for making faux stone panels. Molding polyurethane is easy and with the addition of iron oxide pigments, the developed faux stone panels also give an outlook of the color patterns that of stone.

Being lightweight and flexible, faux stone panels offer great ease of use. You might want to imagine the case of real stones in this scenario in which the stones are reshaped and then applied to the walls only by the professional labor. It can cost a huge fortune and can be more time consuming. In the case of faux stone panels, application is easy because all you need is attaching panel to the walls with the help of nails, hammers and glue to make the panel stick to the wall. Labor cost with faux stone panels is obviously very low; in fact you can attach these panels by yourself if you know the basic carpentry rules.

The great design and ease of use are accompanied with great durability and this is the reason for the great popularity of these faux stone panels. Faux stone panels offer resistance to every hostile factor which is also repelled by real stones.

You may wonder about the price of faux stone panels after knowing about the benefits. The good news is that these panels are highly cost effective as compared to real stones. Due to this aspect, the faux stone panel application for decoration is considered more like preference rather than an alternate by most of the homeowners.

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