Chipboard Boxes for Gift Mailing

Chipboard Boxes for Gift Mailing
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Chipboard BoxesWhy not elegantly wrap your gifts this year prior to mailing them out?  When you attempt to wrap an item and then shove it in a paper mailer, it usually looks terrible by the time it arrives.  The corners of whatever you wrapped are poking through the wrapping paper, the color of the wrapping paper has faded where it was rubbed, and the ribbon is all smashed and curl-less. You can always use an excuse that one of your neighbor kids helped you do the wrapping this year, but in all actuality they probably would have done better.  Step it up this year with chipboard boxes.

In case you were wondering what chipboard boxes were, they are boxes made from sturdy paper.  They have specified areas marked out for folding as well as pye-locks for securing the tabs to keep them shut.  You already knew what these were, you just did not know what they were called.  Now you do, so you’re welcome for that.  Chipboard boxes are a nice way to package your gifts before sending them on their way in the mail.  Or for even distributing in person.  How much better to gift wrap a box than to try and wrap a single bottle of nail polish? We have all been there, trying to gift wrap something with a funky shape.  In the end you might as well not even wrapped it because it is completely obvious what it is judging from the shape alone.  The whole point of wrapping a gift is to disguise what it is.  Unless you are one of those weirdos who sit under the tree on Christmas Eve and shake the boxes to try and guess what is in them (possibly guilty), then you probably cannot tell what is inside based on the box alone.  There is something to say for a nicely wrapped gift.  Am I right? It feels good to give one, and it is fun to receive one.

You can order chipboard boxes at to wrap all of your gifts in this year.  There are 1-piece and 2-piece options.  Each box is foldable, and you can choose from many sizes in order to fit most things. You order in bulk, which cuts down on cost significantly.  98% of their items are in stock and ready to go, so place your order before 1PM EST, and they will be shipped out same day.  Take the holidays to a whole new level this year and wrap your gifts in chipboard boxes.

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