Bubble Wrap Rolls On Sale for Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Bubble Wrap Rolls On Sale for Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
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Bubble Wrap RollsYou heard me, Bubble Wrap Appreciation day.  It is a real, recognized day acknowledged by many Nationwide.  Bubble Wrap Appreciation day was designed to do just that, appreciate the bubble wrap in our lives.  It is a day where you can let all inhibition loose, and pop those bubbles like you have never popped before.  Deal with that built up tension, relieve some stress, or just pop for the heck of it.  Spend some time on google searching for events near you.  You might be surprised to find businesses like local radio shows will host fun events all in honor of beloved bubble wrap.  Join in on the fun with bubble wrap fashion shows, bubble wrap popping relays, and bubble wrap sculpting.

PackagingSupplies.com also recognizes Bubble Wrap Appreciation day and will hold sales and specials on their bubble wrap rolls.  What better time to purchase bubble wrap rolls than in preparation for a holiday you never knew existed? Get your bubble popping fun on by stocking up on bubble wrap rolls from PackagingSupplies.com and choose from different lengths as well as bubble sizes. You can receive boxed self-dispensing bubble wrap rolls, giant bubble wrap rolls, and even pink anti-static bubble wrap rolls.  In case you haven’t heard, PackagingSupplies.com is an online retailer featuring over 5,000 unique and hard to find shipping supplies.  In addition to having the most options, they have the most affordable prices.  A roll of bubble wrap is only $9.99!  It is on average around $25 in the store.  Take that, Office Max!

The bubble wrap used in the rolls from PackagingSupplies.com is lighter than other materials.  Should you have any leftover bubble wrap after Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (doubtful), you can use it to ship items and your shipping costs will be overall lower than they would if you purchased your bubble wrap somewhere else.  The best part about the site is that 98% of their items are in stock and ready to ship, so place your order before 1PM EST, and your items will be shipped out the same day.  Any questions on their items or need help with a delivery? No problem.  Someone from the friendly Customer Service team will be happy to assist you, and they are available M-F 8a-5p EST.  Don’t miss out next year on January 25th, 2016 and join in on the bubble popping fun with high quality bubble wrap rolls from PackagingSupplies.com.

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