Bin Liners for Moisture Protection

Bin Liners for Moisture Protection
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bin linersA new clothing distribution company was gearing up for its first official shipment.  After many years of research and preparation, the owner Greg was giddy with anticipation.  He hardly slept the night before.  You would have thought it was Christmas morning the next day.  He had worked hard for this, and now the hard work was finally paying off.  He needed to make a good impression on the clothing retailer who made their first purchase of Greg’s new graphic tee line.  Not only was Greg on Shark Tank, but he even had a local celebrity sporting his tees.  The company told Greg that they were making a purchase from his company as well as a different graphic tee distributor in order to see which t-shirts were more popular and sold faster.

Greg, being the type A personality that he is, had even been following the weather channel to see what the conditions would be like for his precious t-shirt’s commute from Wisconsin to Los Angeles.  The boxes were going to be in an exposed truck bed, and he did not want to take any chances with the weather.  After all that work, the last thing he needed was a storm to ruin his efforts.  Thanks to the doppler radar, he knew that a storm was highly likely during the transportation process.  Greg researched the best way to protect the contents inside corrugated shipping boxes, and the solution was universal: bin liners.  Bin liners were designed to protect specifically against moisture, dust, and insects.

In the end, Greg’s hard work and research paid off.  His graphic tees arrived unscathed, whereas the competitor’s arrived a soaking wet mess.  The store told Greg they were going to stick with his shirts, as they were impressed by his professionalism and preparedness.  To protect your goods during transportation, head to to shop from over 75 different sizes of bin liners.  Each bag is perforated for easy dispensing, and the sides are gussetted to allow you to easily slide them over the box.  You will rest assured that your goods will be protected from this high quality plastic, and you will not break the bank in doing so. offers over 5,000 unique and hard to find packing and shipping supplies at discounted prices without compromising on quality.  98% of their items are in stock and ready to ship, so place you order before 1 PM EST, and it will be shipped out same day!

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