Apple TV Gets update with New Podcasts

Apple TV Gets update with New Podcasts
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The new Apple TV has now released a new TV OS for customers. The changes aren’t massive, and the only new visible change is the new Podcasts app. The old Apple TV did already have podcasts, but they didn’t have this immediately and had to delay the launch of this.

The app is just what you would expect if you know about podcasts on iOS. The two main parts of this are the subscription and the podcast directory. If you have been using iCloud or the syncing system for podcasts, you can then have all of the subscriptions that you already listen to on the Apple TV app. You can also watch video podcasts as well, since you’re browsing now on the TV.


Now, with this are a few rough little components of this. The biggest issue is that Apple doesn’t sync the position from a podcast that you’ve listened and haven’t finished to the one on your TV. Now, since podcasts are typically long, and people listen to them over a couple of periods, it can be annoying because it will erase where you were. It’s not a deal breaker, but it’s not a good thing to have. In the same vein, you can listen in the background on your TV, but you can’t playback. Also, once you pause it, you can’t restart it.

Now with this, it is getting minor updates as well. Right now though, it’s still being considered an intermediate update before Apple introduces the new features that will be present in the tvOS9.2.

The next version is slated to have new features, such as a Bluetooth keyboard support, which is great for when passwords are needed to open up various podcasts and subscriptions, and it also is working to help create an app folder segment that will be present on the home screen to help with keeping your podcasts in order. They are also working to switch the app interface.


Now, even though it does have a few problems, Apple is working to fix this. There are many developers who would like to see more of the iOS SPIs present on the Apple TV, which means that there is a chance that more apps and such will be present on the TV. It’s still very much in the prototype stages, so what that means for the future of this device is still a bit obscure.

However, knowing all of that and seeing all of the possibilities that are present within this, it will surely be interesting to see what the company plans. There is the chance that there might be more iOS features on this tvOS later on, such as favorites social media sites and other such options, but the major thing that one needs to do now is to watch for the updates, see what happens, and look for what will plan to happen with the next major revision of this platform and the TV system that it’ll be on.

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